Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hero Factory summer sets appear at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Here are some pictures of the Hero Factory summer 2012 sets as they appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Things to note:

  • SXL has a cool new skeleton build
  • Speeda Demon has a new lightning piece.
  • Speeda Demon and SXL make an awesome combiner.
  • Stringer has a trans-blue chestplate.
  • Nex has a helmet which is essentially a duplicate of the 2.0 helmet, but made to fit on a Glatorian head.
  • Voltix's head is gunmetal, not silver.
  • XT4 has a cool new laser weapon. The head is actually slightly rectangular.
  • Red Savage Planet claws. 
  • Core Hunter uses the epaulet design as seen in one of our 3.0 MOCs.
  • Black Savage Planet paws.
  • Turns out Bulk did have a black MTIS. 
  • Stringer has a silver MTIS.
  • Trans-blue armor on SXL.
  • Core Hunter has a head with 4 eyes that look like goggles.
Now, here's the pics!

EDIT 2/15/2012: A YouTube member uploaded a character spot video for Stringer v.4.  At the end of the video, a picture of the final packaging was shown. Take a look!