Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Introducing: Hero Factory Reloaded!

Yep, I kept a promise. Remember the Christmas video I sent out a while back? Yep. There was a MOC called "Rangifer Reloaded." Well, Rangifer Reloaded is actually part of a series of HF figures in the Reloaded series.

Reloaded series Heroes have no backstory, really, they're figures just for the sake of making figures. All a Reloaded Hero is is an original series Hero body and head, but with limbs made from the new building system. Our MOC Phantom Y-001 from the Breakout series also featured this building style.

That's it, pretty much. Our first Reloaded Heroes will be revealed soon!


HF black brain promo extended

I think I'm a bit late to report this, but the black brain promotion has been extended with no visible time limit. Either they didn't sell enough, or the promotion's been extended by popular demand. If you missed it earlier, now's your chance to get it! Click the link below to get to the site!


Remember, this promotion also stacks up with the Galaxy Squad Mini-Mech.

Welcome to the new and improved StoneHart LEGO blog!

So, as many of you know, I combined StoneHart MOCs and Mission: Drones! to create the optimum LEGO blog, with not just Hero Factory, but Bionicle, System, and more stories to boot, which I've been meaning to do for a while.

I've got a bit of backlog in the blogging queue (in part due to a huge, non-LEGO project we're working on here at StoneHart), and I'll start posting in the near future.

Items on the queue include:

  • More Hero Factory MOCs, per usual, including a very small amount of Brain Attack MOCs,
  • A few Bionicle MOCs
  • A series of assorted minifigures
  • A few pictorial reviews of System and Chima Ultrabuild sets
That's it for now!