Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Fallen Sprite

Another MOC is here! This time, it's the haunting Fallen Sprite!
Who would have known that the cheerfully colorful Lucient Sprite could corrupt so easily?  Their glowing crystalline armor has now darkened and rottened to the point where the former Sprite is now hideous and purely evil.
As a MOC, the Fallen Sprite incorporates colors from the LEGO palette that most people would call "grim" or "haunting," for example, Earth Blue, the quintessential Black, Medium Lilac, Bright Reddish Violet, and, to give it a more "zombified" look, Transparent Brown.
More MOCs to come!

P.S. The "Fallen Sprite" is based on LEGOJANG's Lucient Sprite. View the original MOC at:

Hero Factory MOC: Greasegunner v.4

The newest Hero Factory MOC is a Breakout hero, namely Greasegunner v.4.
There is really no backstory for him; he was just created to use a special Hero Factory weapon modeled on a M3 "grease gun" submachine gun.
His left hand is a claw, which may suggest villainy, but it was just put there for an "accent" on the character. It could also be a power glove of some sort.
Well, that's Greasegunner for you! More MOCs to come as always!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

HF 2013 set names

 The names of the winter 2013 sets have been confirmed, thanks to

44000 Furno XL
44002 Rocka
44004 Bulk
44006 Breez

44001 Pyrox
44003 Scarox
44005 Bruizer
44007 Ogrum

Prelims should be coming soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

HF 2013 speculation

It's September, so we should expect to see some pictures of the winter 2013 Hero Factory sets.
My first bit of info comes from IMDB, who claims that the next two episodes of Hero Factory's TV series are called "Von Nebula Rises" and "Anti-Hero Factory." My second tidbit comes from Eurobricks, where someone described the sets as appearing to have brain-like objects on the top of their heads. They also will come in the bags we saw with Breakout again.

In other news that may excite HF fans, Ninjago's replacement is apparently called "The Legend of Chima," which has been described as similar to Avatar but with humanoid animals, flywheels, and "Hero Factory-ish" figures.

Prelims should be coming soon, but I will not be showing them on this blog.
More MOCs are coming, just working on some for now.