Sunday, December 1, 2013

Two announcements

First order of business:
The LEGO CEE team has shared with us that the release date of the "Invasion from Below" sets will be January 1st for most of the world and March 1st for the continental U.S. *insert molar grinds*
TLG is aware that this is not going to fare well with HF fans, and the date is set in stone. Nothing we can do about it. However, I think us HF fans all know that certain stores *ahem TRU ahem* have managed to get the sets out a month or two in advance, so expect the sets out in late January to early February. My prediction is, honestly, that they are pushing the release date farther because TLG wants to focus sales for early 2013 on the LEGO Movie sets without a distraction from HF, and also for HF's sake, to keep TLM from plummeting HF's lackluster sales.

Secondly, I recently placed a Bricklink order. You'll see the video this week.