Saturday, December 24, 2011

Special Hero Factory MOC: Rangifer 3.0

Christmas is tomorrow, so this is my gift to my readers: another MOC!
Rangifer 3.0 was designed by the StoneHart MOCs team with Christmas in mind.

Weapon: Energy staff
Animal power: Reindeer
Catchphrase: "Villains, eat coal!"

Rangifer's staff rotates on an axis, and the blades can open and close. He has defensive pine needle armor on his lower arms, and his best feature, in our opinions, is...

the LED Christmas lights on his back!
These lights can blind enemies quickly so Rangifer can escape.

Interesting facts about Rangifer:
  • His name comes from the scientific name for the reindeer, Rangifer tarandus.

More MOCs to come!
Please, no copying these pictures without explicit permission.
Merry Christmas!


A disclaimer

Hey, Hero Factory fans!

Just wanted to give a general disclaimer about pictures on this site.

If you see a picture of any of my MOCs, with or without watermark, on the Lego Hero Factory gallery, I did not upload them because I don't have a LEGO account. If they happen to be uploaded on the gallery, that is plagiarism.

Just wanted to let you know.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Summer 2012 images are here!

Don't get too excited, we still have some people that need to get their Breakout sets.

There are 7 currently revealed sets, and the eighth will be revealed soon.
As I said before, distributing these pictures is illegal, so I will not post pictures.
So, I will describe them.


6221 NEX: Not really a fan favorite. LEGO seems to have cut the green out of Nex's color scheme and replaced it with more white. Nex's chestplate is white with a white core. The helmet resembles a combination of Nex 2.0's head and Nathaniel Zib's head. Not one of my favorites.

6282 STRINGER: This one... He no longer incorporates orange/Keetongu orange into his color scheme, but this time... blue? Seriously? Also, he comes with a silver hero Meteor Launcher. And a plain blue chest plate.

6223 BULK: Epic. Win. He has cannons mounted on his shoulders. How much cooler can you get? We get the MTIS piece in black and 3-long trans orange armor pieces.

6230 STORMER XL: This is the iteration of Stormer we saw in the trailer. Not much to say here, except there is a new type of armor that resembles wings, a remold of the Hulk chestplate with a 2 peg attachment, and a new foot mould. This guy's pretty cool.


6229 XT4: He's kinda weird looking. XT4 is a yellow Waspix/Meltdown "hybrid" creature/drone with no hands, instead using blades from the 3.0 line. This guy also has one red eye and a pseudo-Meltdown face.

6222 CORE HUNTER: Core Hunter is EPIC. He looks like a shorter Black Phantom without Arachnix, horns, or green. We're receiving Savage Planet claws in red and we're getting Rocka's bandolier again. He also has a new red Thornax launcher and a black launcher top.

6283 VOLTIX: This is the guy we saw in the Breakout movie trailer, except sloppier looking. He has no hands, instead preferring a bright yellow Meltdown tentacle for hands. This guy is my favorite next to Core Hunter.

The unknown villain will apparently be called "SPEEDA DEMON".

EDIT 1-15-2011: SPEEDA DEMON's picture is out. He has four arms, some trans-green armor, gold 3.0 claws like we saw in the Ninjago line, Black Phantom's head in lime green, and to top it all off: a nearly solid PURPLE version of the Furno Bike with a PURPLE Bohrok head and a PURPLE Skrall armor plate. I'm getting this guy before all of the other series 5 sets. Totally.

Pairing up Heroes/ Villains (according to set numbers, this is only a prediction)
Edit 1-15-11
Stormer XL vs. Speeda Demon
Nex vs. Core Hunter
Bulk vs. XT4?
Stringer vs. Voltix

More info to come.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Helios 3.0

The latest rockin' hero to get the 3.0 treatment is Helios 3.0.
Role: Medic/frontline soldier
Weapons: Claws/plasma blasters
Animal power: Lion
Special ability: Able to generate more energy from the energy crystals around his body.
Catchphrase: "Bask in my glow, and you'll learn YOUR lesson!"

Helios was originally a 2.0 hero from Maximus Team (I will post pictures of the Maximus Team in a later post.)
This is what he looked like as a 2.0 hero.

Helios is hot tempered, and hot temperature!

Most people who see Helios often ask about the Hero Cores located around his body. They aren't Hero Cores, but, in fact, extra power sources made of 1% Quaza. The yellow crystals around his body serve the same purpose. If another Hero is low on energy in battle, Helios will hook up a special device that saps energy from part of those energy sources and gives it to the other hero's core. This does not affect Helios' energy level at all. But if Helios is injured in battle, his power sources amp his energy right up!

Helios also has 1 or 2 pieces of armor that is always quite unique: his sunspot armor. In 2.0 form, the armor is on his lower left arm, but in 3.0 form, he has two armor pieces on his lower legs.

Helios 3.0's  plasma blasters are on the front 2 claws on each hand. They shoot superhot plasma that reaches temperatures of up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Helios is part of the makeshift Anti-Drone Junta that is being sent out quite soon.
That story can be followed at

Interesting facts about Helios:

  • He is named after Helios (aka Apollo,) the Greek god of the sun.
  • Helios was originally intended to be a superheavy, but the Hero Cores suited him better as energy sources that he could use for his and others' energy, making him a medic.

More MOCs to come!
Please, do not use these images without explicit permission.

Expect Summer 2012 HF prelims soon!

Hello Hero Factory fans!

Today, I have found that summer 2012 LEGO System set pics have been uploaded.
New themes are LEGO Friends ( kinda like the girl-targeted Belville line) and LEGO Lord of the Rings.
Eurobricks member Mesonak contacted the uploader of all the other summer 2012 pics and he said that he had HF set pics.
He said they will be uploaded soon, so keep your eyes open around next week!
However, I will NOT be posting pictures to the blog, as distributing pictures with the "CONFIDENTIAL" label is a criminal offense.

I would expect the heroes to be Stormer, Nex, Bulk, Stringer, and a new hero.
Villains, on the other hand, I have no idea about, but I would expect one to be the purple villain we saw in the Rocka vs. Black Phantom video.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lego Hero Factory MOCs: Crimson and Grayscale 3.0

The first heroes to be upgraded to 3.0 status in Mission:Drones!  are  Johnny Crimson 3.0. and Megan Grayscale 3.0

Crimson 3.0
Role: Defense
Weapon: Triple claw
Animal power: White Rhino
Special ability: N/A.

Here is a picture of Crimson in 2.0 form.

Crimson is a rookie who was originally teamed with another hero, Megan Grayscale. (more on her later.)
His triple claw can be used as a defensive shield or an offensive blade weapon. His spiky upper arms allow for more defense.

And speaking of Megan Grayscale, here she is!

Grayscale 3.0
Role: Hard target specialist
Weapon: Double barrel electron shotgun
Animal power: Wolverine
Special ability: N/A

Grayscale may seem quite emotionless and neutral (like grayscale colors,) but wait until you tick her off, then see what happens! It's unknown what makes Grayscale and Crimson a great pair because of their opposite personalities.

Mission Manager Martinus Zibelia picked Crimson, along with Grayscale, to be on the team because of their amazing teamwork and perfect effort on the team.

More MOCs to come!
Please, don't use these images without explicit permission.

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Martinus Zibelia

My first Hero Factory MOC to be posted on this page is Mission Manager Martinus Zibelia from my blog, Mission: Drones!

Martinus Zibelia is the Mission Manager for the Hero Factory's Anti-Drone Junta, a team composed of 15 heroes (which will be shown later.)

Zibelia was originally selected to be the Mission Manager for Maximus Team ( a 2.0 Hero team from another story that will be shown later,) but he later moved to the Anti-Drone Junta because of his Mission Manager experience.

Zibelia is not very experienced in battle, but he has been known to outsmart and outwit villains and monsters. He also was the person who designed several of the ADJ's weapons and armor design.

Interesting facts about Martinus Zibelia:

  • Despite the similarity of their names and appearances, Martinus Zibelia and Nathaniel Zib have never met.
  • The name "Martinus" comes from botanist Martinus Beijerinck.
More MOCs to come!
Please, no copying this image without permission.

Expect Breakout reviews soon!

Hello, Hero Factory fans!

The Hero Factory Breakout sets and the Super Heroes UltraBuild sets are out and in stores, and I am making some video reviews. If I can't post video reviews, then I will make some pictorial reviews.

Here's the sets I have so far:
6200 Evo
6201 Toxic Reapa
6202 Rocka
6203 Black Phantom
6216 Jawblade
6217 Surge
6218 Splitface
4526 Batman
4527 The Joker
4528 Green Lantern

Let me tell you, there's a lot of great new pieces in these sets!

So, expect some reviews quite soon!

Welcome, Hero Factory fans!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by StoneHart Hero Factory- Just The MOCs! Mission: Drones! was my first venture into publishing Hero Factory MOCs I have made in LDD (Lego Digital Designer), a story of the battle of the 'bots! Although those MOCs were made in LDD, I also make MOCs in real life using Bionicle and Hero Factory parts. I haven't yet created a blog for my Bionicle MOCs, but I will in the future.

Let me tell you about how I got into Bionicle and Hero Factory.

In 2005, I got my first Lego BIONICLE set, #4878 Rahaga Bomonga. I really liked the fantastical robot look of these sets, and eventually collecting got addictive. Even after the Bionicle Stars,  I still was collecting Lego, except in the form of HERO FACTORY.

And that's where my MOCs come in.

I have a collection of over 30 remaining BIONICLE sets (because most of them are MOCs now), and every single Hero Factory set.
At the time of this writing, I have over 120 Bionicle and Hero Factory MOCs ranging in height from about 2 inches to about 20 inches.  Some of these builds are my own personal takes on official characters, but most were completely made-up, so I devised my own storylines to avoid conflict with the real ones. 

The first wave of MOCs is going to be posted soon, so stay tuned to the blog!