Friday, April 6, 2012

EPIC Bricklink order!

Yep. You read the title. I'm ordering a huge lot of parts from Pick-A-Brick and Bricklink! Most of the parts will be used for Order, Racers, and Ultralight MOCs!

Here's some parts worthy of note that are in my Bricklink and PAB order:

  •  Minifig parts- you'll see why in a later post.
  • 5-long orange and green armor
  • White bone elements
  • Breakout chestplates
  • Purple HF armor
  • Trans red and trans green HF armor
  • Trans dark green HF heads
  • LOTS of Bionicle and HF masks- you'll also see why
  • 2.0 and 3.0 heads
  • Transparent spears
  • Assorted System parts
  • Lightsaber blades
And more!

I will have an unboxing video once I get the parts.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Leggiere 2.0

In the Hero Factory, engineers were trying to develop a new type of hero that is light, agile, and can do tasks that require optimum speed. The result was Hero Factory's first ultralight hero- Leggiere 2.0.
Leggiere has very little armor for maximum speed and agility. His core and skeleton are slightly compacted to also reduce weight. Third, his feet were also built with lightness in mind. Equipped with twin hooks, Leggiere is any slow-moving villain's worst nightmare.

Fun facts:

  • The word "Leggiere" is the Italian word for skinny.
  • Leggiere's design paved way for a series of Ultralight heroes in the 3.0 and even v.4 series. That series will be shown later. Currently, it will include about 20-30 different heroes.
  • Even though he has a Breakout core, he is still a 2.0 hero.

More MOCs to come!

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