Saturday, December 27, 2014

LEGO Bionicle summer 2015 names?

According to a Eurobricks user, these are the names of the 5 rumored sets that will be coming out in the summer of 2015. Do these seem real to you?

70791 Skull Warrior
70792 Skull Slicer
70793 Skull Basher
70794 Skull Scorpio
70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder

AND there will also be a Bionicle polybag released this spring, but its contents are currently unknown.

And finally, the winter wave of Bionicle sets are starting to pop up before the "street date" of January 1st. I will probably go hunting for some sets at some point in the future, and if I find 'em, I'll review 'em! I've promised it before and never committed, so I think I'll actually try out reviewing!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bionicle 2015 trailer video

Bionicle's return in 2015 has been confirmed to be a hard reboot, as evidenced by this video shown at the New York Comic-Con on October 9th.

In this video, a small portion of the backstory is given, with a few changes, namely:

  • The island of Mata Nui is now called Okoto.
  • Mata Nui's role is filled by a character named Ekimu who wears the Mask of Creation.
  • Makuta is the name of the evil character, but he is not related to Teridax or the species of Makuta from the 2001 Bionicle series.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bionicle 2015 Final Images: Part 2 of 4

Part 2 of the final images found and revealed by YouTube users just2goodeurobricks and thethreevirtues.

Bionicle 2015 Final Images: Part 1 of 4

The final pictures of the 2015 Bionicle sets have been found and released thanks to YouTube user just2goodeurobricks! An additional hat tip goes to Eurobricks user Mesonak/YouTube user thethreevirtues for additional revelations!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

LEGO Bionicle MOC: Takanuva, Master of Light

Another quick "storyline expansion" model, this time, it's a MOC of what a possible Toa Takanuva could look like in the 2015 Bionicle canon.
Yes, I know he doesn't have an Avohkii on, but I worked with what I could. Lewa's new mask looks nothing like the 2001 Miru, now does it?

He carries two light polearms and has a gearbox function on his back that is different from the one I used on my Tahu mock-up.

P.S. Credit for the gearbox design goes to Eurobricks user Leewan.

LEGO Bionicle MOCs: Protector of Plasma & Protector of Light

Just two "extended storyline" Bionicle MOCs I whipped up using existing parts: a Protector of Plasma and a Protector of Light, based on the Protector of Ice mock-up I made a while back.
It's unknown whether or not the elements of Plasma or Light will exist in the Bionicle canon starting in 2015, but these were just two quick storyline expansions.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

LEGO Bionicle MOC: Tahu, Master of Fire (preliminary photo edition)

This MOC was put together in no more than five minutes in LDD and is a "best effort" representation of the figure based on the August 2014 preliminary photo leaks. It uses existing parts from before 2015, and is not intended to be an exact replica in any way, shape, or form. Thank you.

Another Bionicle 2015 MOC, and probably my last mock-up (or should I say, MOC-up) of a 2015 set. This one is of set 70787 Tahu, Master of Fire.

The 2015 Toa have what appear to be gear functions on their back, so I incorporated a simple gearbox into his design (modified from a design by Eurobricks user "The Kumquat Alchemist").

LDD did not have any pieces sufficient for building his lavaboard, so I abstained from using the lavaboard.

Unfortunately, this is my last 2015 Bionicle MOC, but there will be more Bionicle MOCs in general in the future.

LEGO Bionicle MOC: Protector of Ice (preliminary photo edition)

This MOC was put together in no more than five minutes in LDD and is a "best effort" representation of the figure based on the August 2014 preliminary photo leaks. It uses existing parts from before 2015, and is not intended to be an exact replica in any way, shape, or form. Thank you.

Just a quick MOC of 70782 Protector of Ice that I built just to experiment and say "what if."

Bionicle 2015 CONFIRMED!

As of September 19th, LEGO has officially confirmed the return of Bionicle in 2015!

The Mask of Creation, according to LEGO
And also, as of September 14th, preliminary images of this winter's sets have been leaked illegally. As usual, I will not show or link to the photos, but I will describe them. Read on for my thoughts...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Bionicle 2015? My thoughts exactly.

In early July, a picture was illegally leaked online that helped fuel growing rumors that LEGO's popular Bionicle theme will be making a return next year. There are even possible set names and numbers to burn more coal on the hype train. But as we know, rumors are just rumors until confirmed or busted. Thank Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman for that one. Read on for my thoughts.

EDIT August 19, 2014: Bionicle has been confirmed by Lego for release:

Where have we been?!?

Many places, I tell ya, many places. I haven't posted in EONS (thanks, Captain Obvious), and I apologize to the readers for this. I will explain, in the form of a paragraph.

Hero Factory really hasn't sparked that much inspiration in us at StoneHart recently. Invasion From Below and Brain Attack were not very good springboards for ideas. So, yes, we have made a few MOCs in LDD recently, but I haven't posted these just yet. A large handful of these MOCs use IFB pieces and are actually a new version of Hero! Hero Factory aside, though, StoneHart has been working on not 1, not 2, but 3 other projects. Two of these are not related to Hero Factory or LEGO in general, but the third is. The third is a LOOOONG story featuring over 30 new characters, and it may not be posted due to it being loosely based on a real war. Mission: Drones! posts have been redrafted and will be rereleased at some point in the future. Lego and StoneHart aside, our personal lives are very busy. College is nigh for both of us. We have Driver's Ed. We have AP classes (which some of our younger readers will learn about in high school), and both of us are active musicians. In short, that's where we've been.

I try my best to keep this blog up-to-date with MOCs and news. I'm currently posting some interesting LEGO news that may interest you.

More Reloaded MOCs and System MOCs on the way, though. Soon, but soon enough!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Invasion from Below wave 2 FINAL PICTURES

Screencaps taken by a Eurobricks user from a video by Advance. There's a nice little video, too.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of posting, I've just been very busy with other endeavors. Don't worry, I WILL compensate.

P.S.S. Oh, and this year's HF polybag...