Monday, March 19, 2012

Nocturnus addresses the Sempax

After seeing LEGOJANG's videos "Specter addresses the Sempax" and "Onyx addresses the Sempax", I decided to make a video in a similar fashion with our own stealthy hero, Nocturnus.

My inspiration for this is the great MOCist LEGOJANG.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Trooper v4

The latest Hero Factory MOC I've made is Trooper v4.

Trooper is a rule-breaker who will do anything it takes to defeat his enemies. The Hero Factory has strict regulations that prohibit the use of corrupted Quaza- yet Trooper uses two in his energy crossbow. The Quaza powers the blaster and gives it far better accuracy.  Another rule that Trooper broke is the use of Hero Recon Team technology. Despite the rules, he has a villain helmet to go undercover and infiltrate compounds.

Interesting facts:

  • Yes. Trooper was made in LDD Extended. I am planning to make a real-life version using spray-paints.
  • Trooper is partially based on LEGOJANG's MOC, Boravus 3.0.
  • Despite wearing XPlode's mask, he is not going undercover as him.
That's all for now! New MOCs are yet to come!
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