Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season's Greetings!


Best wishes to you and yours from us at StoneHart Studios! Enjoy the company of those you love and who love you, and definitely seize the day! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I just want to thank all of you who view this blog for your support, and I can't wait to ring in the new year with some BRAIN ATTACK MOCs!

More MOCs to come as always, and the first MOC of 2013 will be posted soon!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: I-Chaya 3.0

The final entry of the HF Advent Calendar is here! Presenting I-Chaya 3.0!
Remember Quadriflame, our four-armed hero? Well, I-Chaya takes it a step further! I-Chaya is the Factory's first and only six-armed hero! I-Chaya has the animal power of a sehlat, and is a very versatile hero. Like Quadriflame, his arms function independently. But unlike Quadriflame, each pair of arms hold different weapons.
The uppermost pair of weapons are a set of power drills. Below those are two flame swords, and on the lowermost pair are 2 whips.

You also may be asking about the silver claw pieces covering his core. Those are core protectors that shield his exposed core and prevent villains from hurting it.


  • The sehlat is a creature from Star Trek. Spock's pet sehlat was named I-Chaya, just like this hero!

I-Chaya 3.0 is just one of 24 MOCs that I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar.
Stay tuned for the Christmas blog entry that I'm posting tomorrow morning!

1 day 'til Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Therium

Happy Festivus everyone! (If you don't know what Festivus is, look it up.) Today, we have another odd creature for you. Following in the Harnakka's footsteps is the Therium!
Like the Harnakka, nobody knows exactly WHAT the Therium is or where it came from. It has 2 pairs of claws that can be used for gripping objects, a large, underslung jaw, and 2 tails. Its most interesting features, however, are the sensory nodes on its legs. They are very sensitive to touch and aid the Therium in finding food or prey. The Therium also has two pairs of eyes (the other are on his back) that protrude sharply for extra-accurate vision.

The Therium is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

2 days 'til Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Skyray Supercharged

Yesterday's MOC was the legendary thief Skyray. Today, however, he's bigger, badder, and better than ever!
Mr. μ was supercharged (as you saw in his blog entry,) so now I've followed suit with Skyray. Skyray has gained more of his signature wings, as you can see, and has also gained a new color scheme. His old Flame Yellowish Orange and Earth Blue have been replaced with Medium Lilac and Metalized Gold. His new wings, along with the assistance of his AWESOME NEW JETPACK...
allow him to fly 5 times faster than the speed of sound (1715 meters per second, or 3836.35 mph) without losing a single piece of his precious treasure!

Skyray Supercharged is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

3 days 'til Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Skyray

The world didn't end, and we have a new MOC for you! This is Skyray.
Skyray is a legendary thief who traverses the skies. He has ultra-sharp metal claws to aid him in his defense, but his foremost weapon is his agility. Skyray is notorious for his uncanny agility and speed, which makes him hard to catch. He possesses four pairs of wings to help him in his speedy endeavors. Skyray can fly for approximately a mile until he hits the ground, allowing him to fly from building to building without losing air.

Skyray is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

4 days 'til Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Zielony v.4

A small MOC for today, namely the interesting Zielony v.4!
Remember our earlier MOCs, Niebieski and Czerwony? Well, little did you know a third model was constructed, and Zielony v.4 is her name!

Zielony follows the same general armature pattern as her predecessors, and she carries a dagger and a spear-shooting rifle.

The rapid success of models following this skeleton spawned a fourth model, Piorun v.4.
Piorun is lightning themed and has two claws and 2 wrist-mounted lightning shooter hoses.

This quartet of heroes spawned generations of new heroes following this armature.

Zielony v.4 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

5 days 'til Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Pithecus 3.0

Another 3.0 hero for today! This is Pithecus 3.0.
Pithecus has the animal power of the golden lion tamarin, and carries a pair of swords. Each sword has a different blade for different purposes, but he often uses them together. Pithecus also has the ability to turn into 3 other forms.
The first form is Phytopithecus, who carries a sword and a vine whip.
The second form is Pyropithecus, who carries a sword and a flame weapon.
And finally, the third form is Hydropithecus, who carries a sword and a trident.

Pithecus 3.0 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

6 days until Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Fregata 3.0

The blog entry for December 18,2012 features a rockin' 3.0 Hero known as Fregata 3.0.
Fregata 3.0 was dispatched for the post- Savage Planet missions that involved Aldous Witch's remaining creations, including the Quaza Snare (remember him?). 

Fregata is a brawler/air striker whose animal power is that of a magnificent frigatebird. His two claw weapons can be used for cutting, slashing, and even snatching and commandeering enemy weapons and items. The claws are serrated for a better slash and an easier grip when stealing things.

How, exactly, does Fregata snatch things? Well, to do that, he uses his claw weapon, and...
the long fibrous line attached to his back. It can work like a zipline when he attaches it to a post or other stationary object, or like a pendulum for a swinging attack.

  • Fregata is the genus of all frigatebirds, including the magnificent frigatebird.
Fregata 3.0 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

One week 'til Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Quadriflame 2.0

Another experimental Hero out of the vault! This one is Quadriflame 2.0.
As you can see, Quadriflame is the Hero Factory's first four-armed Hero! (He's not the only one- you'll see later.) Quadriflame 's four arms move independently and can function independently as well- one of the Hero Factory's landmark innovations, I might note. 
Quadriflame possesses 4 flame weapons made of a semi-Quazine material. The temperature can be adjusted from temperatures of 300°F (red flame mode) to about 1000°F (roaring blue flame mode). 
The pictures above show Quadriflame's weapons in a moderate, orange flame mode.

Quadriflame 2.0 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for 
tomorrow's entry!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Nyudogumo, the Wrathful God

Today's blog entry features one of our most impressive MOCs: Nyudogumo, the Wrathful God!
Nyudogumo is a protector deity of most well-known planets such as Quatros or Z'Chaya. He has four large wings that can flap at up to 100 beats per second and create winds of up to 200 mph. Nyudogumo is a valiant god, and is not one to anger. His short temper has caused many an apocalypse on several planets.
Pictured above is Nyudogumo holding his Staff of Storms. The Staff of Storms can create any type of forceful storm; tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, sandstorms, ice storms, and even firestorms. Legend says that his left hand can craft lightning, flames, ice, sand, wind, or rain.

Nyudogumo is also a revenge seeker, so beware.


  • Nyudogumo is Japanese for "thunderhead."
Nyudogumo, the Wrathful God is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Niebieski v.4

Today's blog entry features a Hero named Niebieski v.4.
Niebieski was designed to be adept and quick, especially during reconaissance missions. He is lighter than the average hero, but not as light as an Ultralight. His armor may be light, but his skeleton is lighter. His torso has specially formulated pores that lighten the chassis weight by approximately 10%. Niebieski carries a dual-function claw that can be used as a slashing claw or flipped around to be a pinching claw. He also carries a techno-organic whip. Niebieski also had a polar opposite of him crafted, by the name of Czerwony v.4.

Czerwony was designed to be Niebieski's working partner and counterpart. Note that their color schemes are opposites of each other. Since Niebieski is a melee weapon user, Czerwony uses projectile weapons. He carries an auto-focusing boomerang and an energy shooter.


  • "Niebieski" and "Czerwony" are Polish for blue and red, respectively.
Niebieski v.4 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Hookshot 3.0

For 12-14-12, we have prepared an awesome MOC by the name of Hookshot 3.0.
Hookshot has the animal power of a wolf, and is named for his signature weapon,
his hookshot. His hookshot allows him to grab an opponent's weapon, pull items towards him, and transport him to another close-by location. Hookshot's gun can be used for offensive purposes, but it does minimal damage and is non-lethal.  For attacks where he needs to do damage, he uses the dagger in his left hand. And no, those aren't Hero Cores on his shoulders. Those are just decorative.


  • Hookshot is inspired by the hookshot from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Hookshot 3.0 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Quaza Snare

The blog entry for 12-13-12 features one of Aldous Witch's creations that managed to remain on Quatros after the Savage Planet missions. That creation is the Quaza Snare.
The Quaza Snare is a six-legged creature that lived on Quatros until a mission that occurred after the Savage Planet mission. The Snare was designed by Aldous Witch as a lure for Heroes so they would be trapped and drained of their energy.

The Snare has six Hero Core-esque appendages on the tips of its legs that are made of Quaza, but don't transfer energy. In fact, they ABSORB it.

One other feature of the Quaza Snare is...
its hideous face. It has a large, gaping mouth for entrapment, as well as compound eyes for added visibility. The Heroes who captured this villain underwent numerous training sessions for certification so they could fend off this behemoth.

  • The compound eyes were inspired by the Pokemon Genesect.
  • The legs for this creature took inspiration from echinoderms, or starfish.
  • The mouth is reminiscent of that of a ray or skate.
The Quaza Snare is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Bionix 2.0

Today's blog entry features another strange experimental Hero, Bionix 2.0.
Bionix was not built to serve any purpose except to use parts never used on any other Hero in the Factory. Bionix's weapons are a plasma gun and a dual-barreled flame shooter.

As a MOC, Bionix was built to use Bionicle parts not normally used in Hero Factory MOCs, like his lower legs and the armor on his lower legs.

Bionix 2.0 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Mephitis 3.0

Today's post features a generic 3.0 Hero MOC by the name of Mephitis 3.0.
Mephitis 3.0's animal power is that of a skunk. In accordance with the animal power he chose, Mephitis chose weapons closely relating to his odorous power, for example...
...his noxious gas cannon. Not only is the gas odorous, but it is also toxic and even corrosive. The white nodes on his body also secrete this gas, which is why he has anti-corrosive armor near those nodes.


  • Mephitis' name descends from the genus of the same name, one of three skunk genera.

Mephitis 3.0 is just one of 24 MOCs that I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: U.N.C.I.A.

The blog entry for December 10, 2012 features the U.N.C.I.A.
After the introduction of the K-10 unit and its success from the Sho'i missions, the Hero Factory formulated a new creation that could master most terrains and survive brutally hot or frigid temperatures. This creation was the U.N.C.I.A.

The U.N.C.I.A. is not a Hero, but it IS technically a drone, created to withstand the challenges of mountainous terrain and most temperatures. Modeled on the snow leopard, it has thermosensitive armor that regulates its temperature so that the U.N.C.I.A. doesn't freeze or overheat. Its feet are specially made to grip any terrain and create perfect traction as it walks. The U.N.C.I.A.'s joints are lubed so that the drone can move quickly and adroitly. It's pointed tail can carve through any surface and serve as a pickaxe for climbing mountains on subzero missions.

Fun facts about the U.N.C.I.A.:

  • U.N.C.I.A. is not an acronym. Uncia is the genus of snow leopards, of which this MOC is modeled on.
The U.N.C.I.A. is just one of 24 MOCs that I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Phantom Y-001

The blog entry for December 9, 2012 introduces one of Black Phantom's foiled plots, a drone known only by the codename Phantom Y-001.
Remember the Breakout missions where Black Phantom sent the plans for the Hero Factory to Von Nebula? Well, in the midst of these events, Black Phantom also stole the plans for Hero Factory technologies in hopes of developing his own drone army!

Black Phantom's drones feature different aspects of Hero Factory technology. Most parts are 2.0 Hero parts, but the torso is reminiscent of the original Hero torsos. Black Phantom's drones also have a head built in a similar shape to his, and also have fake "Hero Cores." (Anti-heroes, anyone?)

The drones are also equipped with two fluid launchers that can shoot any liquid or gas.

Black Phantom's plans were eventually foiled, so this is the only drone in existence, now disarmed and held in captivity at the Factory's high-security prison. The codename engraved on the back was 'Phantom Y-001.'  Nobody knows what the "Y" stands for, but the serial number implies that it is the only drone manufactured by Black Phantom.

Phantom Y-001 is just one of 24 MOCs that I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Harnakka

The blog entry for December 8th, 2012 documents a strange creature, the likes of which you've never seen before. Said creature is called the Harnakka.
Nobody knows what the Harnakka is or where it came from, but we do know a few tidbits about it.
The Harnakka's only interesting feature is the two appendages on its shoulders. No, they're not wings, and no, they're not extra limbs. The hard tips of these appendages, when hit together, produce a deafening racket. Nobody knows why exactly the Harnakka's appendages do that, but most scientists assume that it is for mating and/or defense purposes.

The Harnakka is just one of 24 MOCs that I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry and the end of Week 1!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Barebone v.4

Today's blog entry takes a closer look at one of the stranger experimental heroes: Barebone v.4.
After the creation of Leggiere 2.0, many heroes like him known as "Ultralight" heroes were developed. About 30 are currently in existence. The Ultralights were designed for speed- their ability to run faster than normal Heroes was uncanny. Following their success, the Hero Factory R&D team wanted to be a little ambitious and develop a hero that was even lighter than the Ultralights. The result of months of design and experimentation was Barebone v.4.

Barebone has very minimal armor, which is a contributing factor to his low-density skeleton, but also a weakness. In a similar fashion to PowerSurge v.4, he has an extra Hero Core on his back, but it's not just an ordinary Hero Core. It's a HIGH POWERED Hero Core that has a power output of approximately one megawatt! Barebone's weapons are a pair of janbiya, a traditional Yemeni weapon.

Barebone v.4 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Mr.μ

For today's blog entry, we present to you a recently captured villain, one by the name of Mr.μ.

Mr.μ is a VERY small assassin and mercenary work, doing contract work for bigger villains. Mr.μ's compact frame allows him to sneak into the tiniest of places. Equipped with a light-sword and a mini-scythe, Mr.μ packs a bigger wallop than you'd expect, especially when he builds up energy and becomes...
Mr.μ Supercharged. When his energy levels reach a very high amount, he turns red and his weapons increase in size until they are completely disproportional to him. His light-sword becomes a bladed behemoth,  and his mini-scythe's blade grows larger and sharper.

Long story short, Mr.μ is not someone to provoke. You've been warned.


  • μ (also known as mu) is the medical symbol for the prefix "micro". The name fits!
Mr.μ is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Equus Supports

Today's blog entry features the Equus Support.
Most Hero Factory transports are vehicles, like Furno's bike and the famed Drop Ships. But recently, in favor of more "old style" transports, the Equus Support was created.

Equus Supports are small, horse-like drones that are lightweight and use a lot of energy. Their energy usage is so large that they have to use their own Hero Core.

After the first Equus' deployment, the Equus was met with mild success, although there were complaints that the Equus was too lightly armored, so in response, the Hero Factory built...
the Equus Support v.A, which was designed for missions where more defense and power were needed. While still maintaining the same lightweight armature, the Equus v.A was drastically heavier in comparison to its earlier counterpart, and had not one, but three Hero Cores!

The Equus Support is just one of 24 MOCs that I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Dromaeus 2.0

The blog entry for December 4, 2012 is the strange Dromaeus 2.0.
Dromaeus was just an ordinary hero until he became the testbed for a new experimental weapon, and that weapon was...

...his left foot.

Yes, that's right. His left foot is his primary weapon. How does he use it, you ask? Well, in a prehistoric fashion, Dromaeus will pin the opponent down with his daggers, and then use his foot for a ballistic melee attack.

  • Dromaeus' name and fighting style are inspired by the Eodromaeus dinosaurs.

Dromaeus 2.0 is just one of 24 MOCs I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: PowerSurge v.4

The MOC entry for December 3, 2012 is PowerSurge v.4.
There actually IS a bit of backstory behind this MOC.

During the "Doom Box" missions, Bulk was experiencing some hardships while fending off Core Hunter, so another hero was dispatched, and that hero just so happened to be PowerSurge.

For this mission, PowerSurge was equipped with super-heavy armor crafted from an alloy consisting of osmium and tungsten, two of the densest elements known to man. In his right hand, he carries an energy blade, and in his left, he carries a grenade-launching cannon (no, that is NOT a Quaza spike, but rather an antenna.) As a defense mechanism, PowerSurge is also outfitted with...
a second Hero Core.

The tubes on his back serve no purpose other than transferring energy between the two Cores and the weapons he carries.

  • PowerSurge and Surge are not related at all.

PowerSurge v.4 is just one of 24 MOCs that I've chosen to be in the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Black Ice

Kicking off December is a Breakout-era MOC, the brutal Black Ice!

Black Ice is a member of a species similar to what we would call "the Yeti." He lived on an icy asteroid in the same region as Sigma Sigma, the asteroid on which Splitface lives. Unlike the other members of his species, Black Ice was the only super-intelligent one (he could speak). The elders of his species banished him from their village, causing Black Ice to go into a depressing anger. The Hero Factory tried to intervene, but that made him angrier, and he then swore revenge on the Hero Factory!

Black Ice finally exploded in anger and went on a violent rampage, and in a similar fashion to Aldous Witch, made a distress call. Hero Factory's Target Depreciation Squad (the equivalent of Animal Control or the SWAT team) came into action. Black Ice was immediately reprimanded and sent into the Factory's high-security prisons.

As a MOC, Black Ice is very simple. He doesn't carry any weapons (except his ultra-sharp crystal claws), but if he did, he'd probably have some sort of rock staff.

And, yes, there is a Hero assigned to him, one by the name of Caldera.

Black Ice is one of the 24 MOCs that I've chosen for the HF Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!

Hero Factory Advent Calendar!

Hello fans!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts- I have other priorities to get to, but this is something to make up for it: the Hero Factory Advent Calendar!

A brief explanation:
This Advent calendar showcases a NEW MOC every day until December 25th. That's right,  24 NEW MOCs. On December 25, there will be a Christmas-themed MOC as well as Brain Attack pictures.
Get ready for today's entry!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: Fallen Sprite

Another MOC is here! This time, it's the haunting Fallen Sprite!
Who would have known that the cheerfully colorful Lucient Sprite could corrupt so easily?  Their glowing crystalline armor has now darkened and rottened to the point where the former Sprite is now hideous and purely evil.
As a MOC, the Fallen Sprite incorporates colors from the LEGO palette that most people would call "grim" or "haunting," for example, Earth Blue, the quintessential Black, Medium Lilac, Bright Reddish Violet, and, to give it a more "zombified" look, Transparent Brown.
More MOCs to come!

P.S. The "Fallen Sprite" is based on LEGOJANG's Lucient Sprite. View the original MOC at:

Hero Factory MOC: Greasegunner v.4

The newest Hero Factory MOC is a Breakout hero, namely Greasegunner v.4.
There is really no backstory for him; he was just created to use a special Hero Factory weapon modeled on a M3 "grease gun" submachine gun.
His left hand is a claw, which may suggest villainy, but it was just put there for an "accent" on the character. It could also be a power glove of some sort.
Well, that's Greasegunner for you! More MOCs to come as always!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

HF 2013 set names

 The names of the winter 2013 sets have been confirmed, thanks to www.spielwaren-hegmann.de.

44000 Furno XL
44002 Rocka
44004 Bulk
44006 Breez

44001 Pyrox
44003 Scarox
44005 Bruizer
44007 Ogrum

Prelims should be coming soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

HF 2013 speculation

It's September, so we should expect to see some pictures of the winter 2013 Hero Factory sets.
My first bit of info comes from IMDB, who claims that the next two episodes of Hero Factory's TV series are called "Von Nebula Rises" and "Anti-Hero Factory." My second tidbit comes from Eurobricks, where someone described the sets as appearing to have brain-like objects on the top of their heads. They also will come in the bags we saw with Breakout again.

In other news that may excite HF fans, Ninjago's replacement is apparently called "The Legend of Chima," which has been described as similar to Avatar but with humanoid animals, flywheels, and "Hero Factory-ish" figures.

Prelims should be coming soon, but I will not be showing them on this blog.
More MOCs are coming, just working on some for now.


Monday, August 13, 2012

A look at what's coming in Summer 2012

I realize that I haven't posted for a while (my last post was on May 24), and no, I'm not dead, Black Phantom hasn't kidnapped me, and I most DEFINITELY have not quit Lego, so I am definitely going to post a TON of more MOCs throughout the summer. Here's a preview of what's coming.

  • Alternate combiner models of the summer sets.
  • More Breakout MOCs.
  • You know how LEGOJANG said in his video for the Witch Doctor Drones, "the battle for Quatros still rages on?" Well it does now, as told by us at StoneHart.
  • More Sempax videos, including one done by my self-MOC.
  • More generic MOCs
  • And something involving the post I made about Leggiere 2.0.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hero Factory Summer 2012 FINAL images

Here is a short HD video detailing pictures of the 2012 summer sets, courtesy of www.brickset.com.

And remember, you saw them HERE first, not on Jang's blog, Eurobricks, or anywhere else! (For the record, I am not trying to compete with those people in any way.)

More MOCs to come... I have a whole Breakout storyline with maybe 6-12 characters in it to publish!


Friday, April 6, 2012

EPIC Bricklink order!

Yep. You read the title. I'm ordering a huge lot of parts from Pick-A-Brick and Bricklink! Most of the parts will be used for Order, Racers, and Ultralight MOCs!

Here's some parts worthy of note that are in my Bricklink and PAB order:

  •  Minifig parts- you'll see why in a later post.
  • 5-long orange and green armor
  • White bone elements
  • Breakout chestplates
  • Purple HF armor
  • Trans red and trans green HF armor
  • Trans dark green HF heads
  • LOTS of Bionicle and HF masks- you'll also see why
  • 2.0 and 3.0 heads
  • Transparent spears
  • Assorted System parts
  • Lightsaber blades
And more!

I will have an unboxing video once I get the parts.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Leggiere 2.0

In the Hero Factory, engineers were trying to develop a new type of hero that is light, agile, and can do tasks that require optimum speed. The result was Hero Factory's first ultralight hero- Leggiere 2.0.
Leggiere has very little armor for maximum speed and agility. His core and skeleton are slightly compacted to also reduce weight. Third, his feet were also built with lightness in mind. Equipped with twin hooks, Leggiere is any slow-moving villain's worst nightmare.

Fun facts:

  • The word "Leggiere" is the Italian word for skinny.
  • Leggiere's design paved way for a series of Ultralight heroes in the 3.0 and even v.4 series. That series will be shown later. Currently, it will include about 20-30 different heroes.
  • Even though he has a Breakout core, he is still a 2.0 hero.

More MOCs to come!

It is a violation of DMCA copyright law to do so, and any stolen pictures will be reported and taken down IMMEDIATELY. 
Also if you steal any pictures, you are shaming yourself, your family, and your friends, as well as the whole LEGO community.